Investing In Technology & People

Innovation & accountability are two of the biggest traits we look for in business and in people.

We are constantly growing with the forever changing landscape of the manufacturing industry, while more and more people are looking to import products out of Asia, we are investing in Lasers / Routers and other technology to help run our business more efficiently and to turn manufactured jobs around quicker. By doing this we can offer services very few can and that’s the ability to custom make any fence with any spacing you want. Whether you’ve seen it on pinterest or something you’ve just drawn up – We can design it in house on CAD with our onsite engineer and then run it through our onsite machinery. We don’t outsource it, why you may ask? Because we want to make sure that everything that we do is to our standards and our quality, while focusing on improving as a business.

Innovation for us means investing – not just in our new laser or our CNC router. It’s investing in people – People with new ideas, concepts and new ways of improving processes is what ultimately leads to innovation. Many of the biggest names throughout history are know for their success stories, but behind it is years and years of mis steps, failure and innovation that failed.

We aren’t perfect as a business, we are always working on new ways to improve our processes. We stand out from our competitors with our ISO certification, it gives us an advantage to working on some of the biggest government projects and with the largest builders in the country – while the certification is one aspect. The key point to achieving the certification is a focus on continuous improvement, that’s taking accountability to say we aren’t perfect but we are making a conscious effort everyday to improve.

Sometimes we get it wrong and we own it! I take pride in the team that works with me and we are lucky to have the people that we do in the business who are constantly pushing with new ideas, new ways to build fences, safer ways to work and taking responsibility for it along the way.

I say this to everyone across the business, it’s more than just a fence to us.